The Purpose of Therapy is to

Return to Wholeness

Psychedelic Integration 

Conscious awakening or spirituality is typically defined as the search for transcendent meaning or as a belief in a greater existence outside of humankind. It can be linked to religion, but the practice of spirituality and conscious awakening is generally considered to go beyond religion and connect individuals with something larger, such as the universe itself.

Millions of people have experienced non-ordinary states of consciousness through the use of psychedelics, entheogens, hypnosis, body work, near-death experience, or meditation. Without support it can be challenging to understand and incorporate these experiences. It can also feel daunting to know how to prepare for a planned experience.  

An intentional and regular practice of mindfulness and meditation helps us to be better able to manage life's challenges and demands. Developing a regular practice takes time and effort and is achieved through direct experience. By increasing our awareness in every moment, we are able to generate pro-active, wise responses, rather than impulsive, reactive ones.

Energy Healing and Reiki

The use of Reiki is growing as Western medicine seeks ways to provide care in a holistic manner. Reiki is currently being offered not only for management of physical pain but emotional pain as well. Reiki is used in the treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma, stress and memory loss, as well as in palliative and oncological care.

Shamanic Therapy and Ritual

Shamanic therapy fuses indigenous healing traditions and therapeutic techniques. These integrated approaches can support deeper healing on an embodied and energetic level. Techniques can include energy medicine, chakra clearing, hypnotic drumming, past life exploration, rites and ritual, chanting, cord cutting, and visualization practices. 

Sand Play 

Sandplay is a powerful psychospiritual method for accessing the unconscious in a way that brings about profound change.


It is a safe, effective way of working with trauma while promoting healing. 

Intuitive Tarot

Tarot cards have always had deep roots in psychological applications. Carl Jung said the cards were an easy way to represent the “archetypes of mankind”— strength, ambition, passion—making them ideal tools for therapy and mental health.


About Me

I am an licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in the practice of mindfulness and experiential techniques. I believe people possess all they need and are inherently whole, but that life experiences, habitual thought patterns, and negative underlying beliefs cloud awareness and block connection to the core of stillness within each of us. My desire is to facilitate felt experiences of peace so people are able to accept any moment and situation with deep compassion and understanding. I love working with people who are seeking a deeper understanding of themselves, of purpose in life, and who want to cultivate a greater sense of joy and aliveness.

My training is in clinical, research-based theory and technique and esoteric, spiritual-based practices. I utilize the teachings of spiritual and meditation masters to provide a space of conscious awareness and support people in utilizing the power of the now. I prefer experiential modalities of meditation, art, tarot, play, energy, nature, movement, and sound healing to facilitate healing in the present moment.

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