Reiki Therapist

What Is Reiki Energy Healing?

Whether you've done energy work before, or you're new to the idea of working with a Reiki therapist, the healing technique is a safe way to direct energy where it needs to go in your body. Reiki energy healing can be helpful for both physical and mental health issues, and uses the mind-body connection to help spur your journey to total wellness.

Reiki energy healing is an ancient Japanese art that has only made its way to the Western world in the last couple of centuries. This healing technique operates on the principle that unseen energy flows through the body. Through the laying of the hands, a Reiki therapist works to redirect the body's energy, removing blockages and promoting the flow of energy in a way that heals and promotes wellness.

Many people who try Reiki energy healing state that they achieve a wonderful feeling of overall wellness and high energy. Each person's Reiki experience is individual. Your Reiki session will be personalized to your needs, and over time, your Reiki sessions will change to address your healing as you move through life.

If you're already working with a doctor or mental health care practitioner, Reiki can be an excellent complement to the work that you're already doing to become a healthier version of yourself. If you're ready to give Reiki a try, I'm here to help. Reach out to Minds Bodies Souls today to learn more about this healing art, and to schedule your first session with a Reiki therapist.