Spiritual Healing Counseling

What Is Shamanic Therapy?

If you've tried traditional counseling before, you may have left feeling like something was missing. All too often, counseling addresses mental health issues, but does not take into account spiritual healing counseling. When the spirit is forgotten, mental health therapy is less likely to be effective.

At Minds Bodies Souls, I offer shamanic therapy. During the spiritual healing counseling process, we base our work on the idea that all of your past experiences have contributed to the energy of your current experience. Rituals, traditions, and healing can help you to move past painful experiences that are still affecting your life today.

If you've gone through trauma, or you've found that traditional talk therapy wasn't a good fit for you, shamanic therapy may be what you need to reach past your mind and into spirit on a deeper level that allows for complete healing. When you start shamanic therapy, we'll discuss what to expect, and we'll work together to discover whether spiritual healing counseling is a good fit for your needs. Together, we'll develop a plan for tackling your issues in a way that addresses the health of your spirit. Over time, we'll change your plan to match the progress that you're making.

If you're ready to try something new for healing your mind, body, and spirit, I invite you to give shamanic therapy a try. I know that this may be a new concept for you, and I invite you to reach out to me with any questions before scheduling your first appointment.